Here is a list of items that we have erased off our valued customers credit report.

Collection Accounts
Slow pay
Inquries and much more



When a problem surfaces its ugly head on your credit report you have three options:

  • You could wait 7 years, at which point the items may fall off your report "naturally" via limitations.
  • You can enter the DISPUTE PROCESS yourself and attempt to deal with the credit agencies on your own.
  • You can hire BCRS to do the heavy lifting for you.

The first option, waiting for 7 years, is not much of an option at all.

None of us can afford to put our lives on hold until the credit bureaus decide to delete information from your records. Most credit problems are the result of the bureaus' mistakes — why should you have to wait for 7 years because an error was reported on your report?

The second option, fixing it yourself, also has its problems. The credit repair process SEEMS to be very simple. The Fair Credit Reporting Act outlines the channels and guidelines that govern the process and the credit bureaus themselves have internal credit repair processes that allow consumers to challenge items on their own.

Unfortunately, the framework of the system and the actual practice of credit repair are very different. In a perfect world, consumers could count on the credit bureaus to participate in the process according to the letter of the law. They could expect that every investigation request would be answered. They could expect to receive fast, first call resolution to their problems. They could expect to reach professional customer service agents who would quickly and helpfully point them in the right direction.

As anyone who has ever attempted any form of credit clean-up will tell you, this is not the way the system operates. At best, attempting credit repair on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating. At worst, inexperienced credit correction can worsen the situation by resulting in the deletion of positive credit items.

The third option is to use experienced credit repair professionals. BCRS techniques are designed to replace the stress that consumers will run into when they attempt to repair their own credit. $250.00 per CRA (Credit Reporting Agency) is a small price to pay, for peace of mind, knowing you have hired Credit Repair professionals. We have challenged virtually every credit problem under the sun - and deleted many.